Humanities Baka Pygmies


The Baka Pygmies live in the rainforest of Cameroon together with some more ethnic groups of Bantu farmers, which trade with the Baka Pygmies. The Baka Pygmies are traditionally nomadic. The fauna is the rainforests of Cameroon are a lot of different types such as the orangutans, tree porcupines and also tree frogs and so many more there are up to 30 million different types of plants and animals. The biome in the rainforest of Cameroon are many different layers in the rainforest there are four layers and on the fourth layer is were the tree lays. 60% of the Cameroon forests are already explotied.


The Baka Pygmies are communal. Their decision is made in a group by consensus. Consencus is when they vote and the majority wins.


The Baka Pygmie people have different roles in the group. The men go hunting and the women have to go and get the food that the men kill and bring it back to the group. The men do the most hazerdious jobs. The women have to make the huts and to bring the food back to eat. Their huts are made out of branches and leaves to fit the hut structure.


Music is a central role in a Baka Pygmies life. Music is for ritualistic purposes. Their singing is also best described as bursts of harmonic yodeling. This was inspired by magical melodies and rhythms of the Baka Pygmies.

Belief System:They believe that things such as rocks, plants, animals, thunder, earthquake etc. can influence what humans events and that they have spirts. They worship Jengi the forest god, he is also called Ejengi, and Djengi. They think that the god is a gardian or a parental figure. The dance of thanksgiving know as the Luma is done after every succesful hunt. One of the most important Tradichional ceremonies when a boy is ready to become a man, this is called Jengi. The people that are not Baka come to get some of their medicine that the Baka Pygmies make traditionaly.

Art and Architecture:

The Baka Pyghimes are nomadic. They live in temporary camps with huts made from branches and leaves which are made by women. As discrabied in the earlier paragraphs the Baka Pygmies art is mostly music. A recording of the Baka Pygmies music has been made into an album called " Spirit of the Forest".

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