The Huli Wigmen


papua new guinea, southern highlands
546,265 people spread over 23,800 square kilometers
23 people per squared kilometer
they speak:Huli, Tok Pisin and English

The Huli wigmen live in Papua New Guinea. The picture above shows where Papua New Guinea is (North of Australia)
This picture is a close up of Papua New Guinea. The Green oart shows the exact location of the huli's. But we are not sure about that that is where everyone lives because the huli's are one of the most icolated tribes on earth so there might be more huli's somewhere


The Huli wigmen goverment is authentic, meaning: they still live by the same laws as thousands of years ago. The Leader of a tribe is normally the oldest male and he will remain in power till he dies, When he dies the nexr oldest male emedialtly takes over, Even if there is a older female. This kind of goverment where the male is in charge is called a ''Petriaki''. Even though the male is always in charge there are always other elders whitch help the leader by the making of decisions. For example: When there is a conflict the leader has to choose between going to war or staying at peace. When a desision like that has to be made the leader normally asks the elders what they think of it because the elders are the men that repercent the people of the village. If all the elders say that he should not go but he thinks they should then they still have to because they can try to change his mind but it won't always work. They can rebel agains the leader but they have to be sucessfull else they will be decapetated.


The huli wigmen live off nature, They hunt animals as tree kangaroos, frogs and even fish sometimes. The wepons they use are bow and arrows, spears, nets and clubs. The huli's don't hunt that much anymore because its a lot easer just to take fruit from the trees
Even though the huli's are one of the most icolated and unexplored tribes they can still have plenty of food. Some huli tribes have not been that sucessfull, thats why the made a deal with the goverment to get money to be a tourist attraction. This is good for us because then we can explore there traditons. The huli's have tried to do farming but without secsess because they would have to keep moving around and there religin says they have to stay in one place.


The whole society of the huli's are based around the idea of men being in charge, Thats why if a boy wants to turn into a an he has to go trough a painfull process. This procces is a 3 stage ritiual witch cleans the body from womans influance. The 3 stages are 3 parts of the body that have top be cleaned, thoughs parts are: the stomace, the nose and then the tongue. The frist stage will becleaning the stomace but driving a vine down the body into the stomace and scraping it so the man pukes. They will do this till the whole stomache is emty. Then the nose, a 20 centimeter long of bamboo is out into the nose to make it bleed heavely. The last step is the togue hey will have a 20 centimeter bow with a 20 centimeter arrow and they will pull the string back and shoot the razor sharp arrow in youre tongue and they will repeat this stage about 50 times. Then you can go back home and you will be concidered a man


The Huli wigmen believe that the world is both lived on by humans animals and all the live we can see but also the spirits. Those spirits can be Good, Evil or ancestros. They think the biggest and most powerfull good spirits look like the hulis but then with different clothes. Thats why the Hulis dress up like those spirtise by wearing a wig. Colouring there face. Then they will come togetter, play drums and sing very loud to scare the evil spirits away and make the good stay.


The huli wig men are one of the most isolated tribes on the planet, some of them have a agreement with the goverment to make agreement with the goverment to allow torist to come to the raifoest and show there way of live, but others still live by the growned rules and then only let people in who are ectually wigmen, thouse men still have the old traditions of dancing and the rights of passage. They also have a belief that if you dance and make as mutch sound as you can so that the evil spirits will be scared and stay away so that wil give the hul´s another year of luck, but for the tourist the dancing is more just for the money so they do it everyday.